Your words are toxic, their meaning, obtuse,

So I turn down the volume, and put you on mute

You’re a waste of my time, hate the air that you breathe,

So I leave you behind, searching for some relief

Will you ever stop speaking? Words like yours don’t last

They’re lost in a memory. What’s past is past.

And you’re past, I know, but I still can’t move on

Though your voice stopped, your words hurt; you’re not really gone

Like Sun on Water

Like sunshine on the water, it was too bright to see

The love that you said you felt just for me

I tried hard to search, but it never was clear

I was too blind to see that there was nothing really there

Sunlight hits waves before they crash on the shore

Your love came in waves, each day stronger than before,

But never lasting long, gone as fast as it came

Leaving me longing as I tried to feel the same

Every touch is cold, kisses salty on my lips

In and out it goes, closer, further as tides flip

You slip through my hands, leaving nothing once it dries

As the sun shines on the water, I should have known to shade my eyes


I run the halls, slam against the walls,

Pretend that I can’t hear their calls

They’re everywhere, they’re in my head

They’ve buried me, but I’m not dead

I’m freer now, free from their lies,

Free to run straight, not pushed aside

They can’t touch me, I’m out of reach

But I hear their words. They’re haunting me.

The past is past, but it lives on

In every thing that I do wrong

I was lost in love, fell so far I drowned,

And when I awoke, they tied me down

They taught me things I never knew

And I was scarred when they were through

I didn’t want their two-faced hugs

I only wanted to be loved

But they didn’t care, and now I run

I don’t pay mind to anyone

I break down doors and pull my hair

I hear their voices everywhere

They let me go, said I was free,

But didn’t really let go of me

And I’m not bitter, no, I’m insane

Trapped forever in their crazy game

Out of the Loop

Feelings on fire, but my whole head is sore

Trying to leave, but you’re still wanting more

Needing some time to rest and recoup

But you’re back in love — guess you’re out of the loop

And the feelings race fast, too fast to last

For me this is over, everything’s past

But you keep coming, you say you want to regroup

But I said it’s over — guess you’re out of the loop


Thirty thousand feet below

Worlds pass by, but no one knows

How high I fly, while I’m up here

They can’t see me; I’ve disappeared

And, while I’m here, the past is gone

No memories, I’m moving on

I’m flying high, can’t drag me down

Only smiles, I’ve forgotten frowns

The world is small, its problems, minute

So, as I fly, I give a salute

Thanks for the memories, but I’ll let them go

From this day forward, it’s onward ho


I was a believer, so Satan swallowed me whole,

Spat me out in seconds, but left a big hole

Where he’d bitten out my heart, and left me unfeeling

All my love gone, and leaving me reeling,

No point in concealing, I’m so bitter and burnt

No chance to forget the lessons I’ve learnt

They’re carved in my chest, where my heart should be

But he didn’t think of that, when he stole it from me

And Satan walks still, ripping hearts out of chests

Leaving them lost, to wander without rest

Memories long past meander through out dreams

Bringing nightmares every night, where naught’s as it seems

Nature’s Fury

Nature’s fury falls from the sky

So many see it, but none know why

Why does it roar, and why does it scream?

Why does it come, and what does it mean?

Why does it hurt, and why does it kill?

If it’s so deadly, then why does it thrill?

Why does it flash so brightly in black?

Why does it pass, and never look back?

Sunset Blvd.

My heart overflows with half-shed tears and regret

The memories of the blows my mind can’t forget

I tried to break free, but I fell for their lies

There was no room for mercy, so, too soon, I died

And I loved it, once, the way it all made me feel

It was so perfect, a dream — and, like dreams, not real!

I had to walk away, but I didn’t know how

And you were no use; you just told me to bow,

To relinquish my powers, relinquish my rights,

Give everything I had to earn a chance in the light

But I walked away because that isn’t living

Lies without truth, take without giving

And you said I died, and you were happy, a fool

Who broke those who faltered or strayed from the rules

I thought I had a way to make it better, I did,

But it caused worse problems than the ones that it rid

And I can hear their screams, sometimes, in the night,

The ones left behind, for whom I couldn’t make it right

I abandoned them there, for it was too hard,

And left them to die, on the Sunset Boulevard,

Where the same stale day’s repeating, on and on

Keeping you trapped so that you never move on

But I’ve gotten out, and now I am free

I’d had enough, and ripped their hands off me

And now to forget, hardened heart, and move on

Accept that’s the past, and forgive all their wrongs

Or pretend to, at least, while everything’s still fresh,

The cuts and the bruises painted into my flesh

Hurt when I move, when I think, when I cry

Victory is torture, though I’m not sure why

I never thought freedom could ever be this hard

Why can’t I escape from the Sunset Boulevard?


A.N. Dedicated to all the newbie residents out there. :.) 

Like butterflies they come alive

Creeping tendrils, wisps of time,

The memories then make you roam

Where your feet land is your new home

Your soul walks straight, you never look back

The only rule to this life is to have no regrets

The same sun lights the whole world’s sky

And you’ll see it each time it passes you by

The world is an oyster, and you’re seeking its pearl

Every new place is a page to unfurl

One day it will end, this adventure you lead,

But, as for now, it’s only companion you need

Nothing Short of Gods

The eternal flame, which lights their eyes,

Flickers to dark as they fall from the skies

Cloud Nine is dreamy, but none stay long

Dreams are for the lucky, and we don’t belong

So it’s back to below, with the turmoil and tears,

Where wrinkles and greys are a sign of the years

We could live forever, but we wouldn’t dare

We’ve fallen from heaven. Why would we stay here?

But there’s a power to behold, which lights us inside

We’re not to be trifled with. Don’t push us aside.

Though we’re not fit for heaven, you’ll still watch us in awe

Soon enough you’ll see, we’re nothing short of gods.