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Like butterflies they come alive

Creeping tendrils, wisps of time,

The memories then make you roam

Where your feet land is your new home

Your soul walks straight, you never look back

The only rule to this life is to have no regrets

The same sun lights the whole world’s sky

And you’ll see it each time it passes you by

The world is an oyster, and you’re seeking its pearl

Every new place is a page to unfurl

One day it will end, this adventure you lead,

But, as for now, it’s only companion you need

Nothing Short of Gods

The eternal flame, which lights their eyes,

Flickers to dark as they fall from the skies

Cloud Nine is dreamy, but none stay long

Dreams are for the lucky, and we don’t belong

So it’s back to below, with the turmoil and tears,

Where wrinkles and greys are a sign of the years

We could live forever, but we wouldn’t dare

We’ve fallen from heaven. Why would we stay here?

But there’s a power to behold, which lights us inside

We’re not to be trifled with. Don’t push us aside.

Though we’re not fit for heaven, you’ll still watch us in awe

Soon enough you’ll see, we’re nothing short of gods.


I’m out, I’m gone, I’m finally free

Turning my back like they turned theirs on me

Picked up my things and ran far away

Switched off like a lightbulb, should have gone yesterday

Now that I’m free, I can live life like a star

Light up my skies light-years from where you are

Yesterday was too late to escape from this place

But it will never be too soon to forget your face

They tell me to be steady, to work through the pain,

But I’m flying too high to find fear in your name

Yes, you drove me crazy, but you drove me out,

And now I won’t have to listen as you rant and shout

I’ll obliterate your legacy, I’ll ruin your fame,

I’ll have my retribution for your psychological game

Yes, people might love you, but I know your heart,

And I know what it feels like to have it torn apart

So tread carefully in the future. You never know where I’ll be,

The things you might find written, the people who I might meet

A few words here and there, in the right time, the right way,

Can turn the tables even on gods, and make the fairest fade away

You kicked me down one too many times for me to just let you win

And now it is now our payback time…let the vengeance begin

A Difference of Tongues

I hold the hand of a frightened man

As he asks me questions I don’t understand

¿Qué pasa aquí? ¿Qué van a hacer?

The other patients point, whisper, and stare

The hospital’s busy for a midnight on call

We dodge carts and nurses as we rush through the halls

But when we arrive, we find the OR packed

They’ve been briefed on the accident: two dead on impact

The patient we have speaks not a word of English

Nor any other language which I can distinguish

But I can taste his fear, it’s a contagious thing,

I look all around, try to think of something

When a girl approaches; she’s no older than twenty

By her scrubs she’s a student, of which we have many

So I don’t know her name, or her year, or her role,

But she takes the patient’s hand, gentle and slow,

And whispers, Hola, señor. Me llamo Maria.

Está en el hospital. Necesita la cirugía.

The patient calms at her words, as if they came from an angel

His vitals relax into something more stable

I draw up medications and lay out the surgeons’ knives

Adjust the bed height and the overhead lights

But a few words were all he needed for comfort to be had

A familiar sound amid chaos was the best sedative we had


Your words were thoughtless, in the heat of the moment,

But they hit too hard, and they left us broken

We didn’t want to die, but there was no choice

Your noose was too tight, and it cost us our voice

And now we are ghosts, and we walk through walls

Find boarded-up houses, and haunt empty halls

If you dare come inside, we will make you scream

In our grip you’ll be trapped in your very worst dream

Just like you did us, made us the dead among living,

You know it’s not in our nature to be kind and forgiving

So take care where you step, lest you find one of us your host

For, if so, you just might hang at the vengeful whim of a  ghost


Sodom and Gomorrah

With bound hands I walk through Sodom and Gomorrah

The graveyard of innocence, sanity’s diaspora

The deviant desolation, where sinners rule strong

And the impious implore you to blur right and wrong

The impenitent sin through which I now wade

Lets me drown in agony, leaves no chance to evade

The pressure, the pain, the stench of sin, and the fire,

Where virtue is forbidden,  replaced with molten desire,

In brimstone and fire, they burn, turn to ash

While I cower in chains from their merited backlash

I still try to stay clean, amidst the fire around,

But I falter and fall, licking blood on the ground

A hapless waif I wander, millennia from home,

Trapped in others’ squalour, in which I now roam

Bitter Taste On Your Tongue

I guess everyone’s crazy, at least when they’re young

But your ‘crazy’ still leaves a bitter taste on my tongue

And maybe, someday, I’ll laugh you off, too,

When the blood is forgotten, and the wounds have healed through

But I can’t think clearly while my heart’s still a mess

You had too many secrets, too many sins to confess

Your backhanded ways screamed ‘foul play’ from the start

But I was blind to your lies, and let you into my heart

And now I spit at your name, for the way you deceive

Is cowardly and shameful. I’ve no reason to grieve

Your leaving, your loss; it’s a joy to behold.

I don’t need your love, or a man’s hand to hold

Your love’s cruel, the kind that rips you apart

And leaves bloodstained scars carved into your heart

And makes ex’s of lovers, and old hearts from young

And leaves a bitter taste forever stuck on your tongue

Harbour of Shame

A.N. Lose it a bit towards the end, but the flow isn’t too bad.

He swears that it’s true, but his truth is a lie,

And any love he felt has, long ago, died

At least so they tell me, but I’m not so sure

My heart aches when I’m alone, and he’s the only cure

They say it isn’t love if he hurts me, but they

Don’t understand how he suffers, day after day

His boss is relentless, and his workers are fools,

He can’t stand it when others don’t follow the rules

And traffic’s always bad, that’s why he runs late

’til the sun’s long gone, and the food’s cold on his plate

And, when he gets angry, he’s never to blame

I’m often underfoot, and that stokes his flames

But when he raises his hand, I beg him to hit me no more

But he doesn’t listen, and I end up on the floor

He doesn’t mean it, I know. He forgets himself, when he does

I know inside is the man who I always will love

But sometimes I wonder, as I lie on the floor,

What will it take for him to hurt me no more?

Invisible Heart

They can’t see my heart, so they assume it’s not there.

They’re thoughtless, and it breaks, but they don’t even care.

Just because it is hidden doesn’t mean I can’t feel

And, though they say it’s love, that doesn’t mean it is real.

I know it wasn’t love, now, that it was just a game

But if it wasn’t really love, then why’s it hurt the same?

World on Fire

In a world on fire, she brings the rain

Extinguishes realms of roaring flames

Some people burn, but she glows bright

To a world in darkness, she brings the light

The Earth only turns with her permission

She loves all its people without condition

Inside her embrace, no evil may enter

In an unbalanced world, she is the centre

She’s the only one alive who could set me at ease

When I’m with my mother, I can feel at peace