To the Angel Gabriel

To the Angel Gabriel, who came in a dream ,

And cautioned that hope is something between

Mistrust and despair, a cousin of sorts,

For well-meaning actions can become the worst

Don’t dare to dream, and don’t hope too far

Lest we all later turn out to be worse than we are

All this he told me, in a dream’s foggy midst,

Leaving only when he sighted the dawn’s first kiss

To the Angel Gabriel, whose words gave me pause

Rather than seek meaning, I looked for their cause

Why this disclosure? Why me, why now?

When should I use them? With whom, and how?

Hope is so beautiful — why would I take care

With something so different from mistrust, despair

What was I missing? Somehow, had I erred?

I scoured through my life, but I was not prepared

For the crises I saw which only now came to light

For the wrongs I was doing, thinking them rights

And that sent me into a frenzy, trying to fix

All of the mistakes I somehow had missed

To the Angel Gabriel, I thank for your words

Though at first, I’ll admit, I thought them absurd

You helped me escape a Hell in disguise

And taught me to craft my own Paradise

And I am most grateful for that which you’ve done

You saved me from war before the battle’d begun

You showed me the truth by granting release

Your light guided me to find my own peace



They said we could be heroes, if only we tried

But I can’t be a hero — I’ve already died

I’ve walked through a desolation too horrid to bear

Where I sunk to the bottom, consumed by despair

But the thing with the bottom, is there’s no where to go

But up when you’ve fallen to the lowest of lows

And up’s where I climbed (with a helper or two)

And up’s where I now live, steadfast and true

But I can’t be a hero, I’m not that kind of girl

Who rushes into battle to save the whole world

I’m a vile sort creature, one grown men fear

For I can’t be trusted, when others are near

I might snarl or bite, for I love my tricks

I might taunt and tease you, then kill you for kicks

Or I might be kind, be polite, be docile, be tame

But none dare discover — they think I’m all games

They think that I’m shallow, that I’ll never heal

And maybe they’re right — who’s to say what’s real?

They said we could be heroes, but forgot about me

Hero might sound nice, but it’s not my destiny