Twenty-seven miles from where we first started

I stand alone, now that you have departed

It was all pure sunshine, a rose-coloured game,

But, like a child at play, I couldn’t handle the pain

So I turned my back as you fizzled out

Left me still yearning and struggling with doubt

Did I do you wrong? Was I not true?

Are you saying I should’ve been more faithful to you?

I am no cheater, I just love the world

And,  at the end of the day, I’m still a little girl

I’m not meant to be tied, but to dance in the sun

And your choice is to leave, or to come dance along

So it’s not my fault, no matter what you might say

And I won’t be sad now that you’ve gone away

I’ll go on dancing, just like I always do,

For it’s just to myself that I have to be true


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