My heart overflows with half-shed tears and regret

The memories of the blows my mind can’t forget

I tried to break free, but I fell for their lies

There was no room for mercy, so, too soon, I died

And I loved it, once, the way it all made me feel

It was so perfect, a dream — and, like dreams, not real!

I had to walk away, but I didn’t know how

And you were no use; you just told me to bow,

To relinquish my powers, relinquish my rights,

Give everything I had to earn a chance in the light

But I walked away because that isn’t living

Lies without truth, take without giving

And you said I died, and you were happy, a fool

Who broke those who faltered or strayed from the rules

I thought I had a way to make it better, I did,

But it caused worse problems than the ones that it rid

And I can hear their screams, sometimes, in the night,

The ones left behind, for whom I couldn’t make it right

I abandoned them there, for it was too hard,

And left them to die, on the Sunset Boulevard,

Where the same stale day’s repeating, on and on

Keeping you trapped so that you never move on

But I’ve gotten out, and now I am free

I’d had enough, and ripped their hands off me

And now to forget, hardened heart, and move on

Accept that’s the past, and forgive all their wrongs

Or pretend to, at least, while everything’s still fresh,

The cuts and the bruises painted into my flesh

Hurt when I move, when I think, when I cry

Victory is torture, though I’m not sure why

I never thought freedom could ever be this hard

Why can’t I escape from the Sunset Boulevard?


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