I’m out, I’m gone, I’m finally free

Turning my back like they turned theirs on me

Picked up my things and ran far away

Switched off like a lightbulb, should have gone yesterday

Now that I’m free, I can live life like a star

Light up my skies light-years from where you are

Yesterday was too late to escape from this place

But it will never be too soon to forget your face

They tell me to be steady, to work through the pain,

But I’m flying too high to find fear in your name

Yes, you drove me crazy, but you drove me out,

And now I won’t have to listen as you rant and shout

I’ll obliterate your legacy, I’ll ruin your fame,

I’ll have my retribution for your psychological game

Yes, people might love you, but I know your heart,

And I know what it feels like to have it torn apart

So tread carefully in the future. You never know where I’ll be,

The things you might find written, the people who I might meet

A few words here and there, in the right time, the right way,

Can turn the tables even on gods, and make the fairest fade away

You kicked me down one too many times for me to just let you win

And now it is now our payback time…let the vengeance begin


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