I guess everyone’s crazy, at least when they’re young

But your ‘crazy’ still leaves a bitter taste on my tongue

And maybe, someday, I’ll laugh you off, too,

When the blood is forgotten, and the wounds have healed through

But I can’t think clearly while my heart’s still a mess

You had too many secrets, too many sins to confess

Your backhanded ways screamed ‘foul play’ from the start

But I was blind to your lies, and let you into my heart

And now I spit at your name, for the way you deceive

Is cowardly and shameful. I’ve no reason to grieve

Your leaving, your loss; it’s a joy to behold.

I don’t need your love, or a man’s hand to hold

Your love’s cruel, the kind that rips you apart

And leaves bloodstained scars carved into your heart

And makes ex’s of lovers, and old hearts from young

And leaves a bitter taste forever stuck on your tongue


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