A.N. Lose it a bit towards the end, but the flow isn’t too bad.

He swears that it’s true, but his truth is a lie,

And any love he felt has, long ago, died

At least so they tell me, but I’m not so sure

My heart aches when I’m alone, and he’s the only cure

They say it isn’t love if he hurts me, but they

Don’t understand how he suffers, day after day

His boss is relentless, and his workers are fools,

He can’t stand it when others don’t follow the rules

And traffic’s always bad, that’s why he runs late

’til the sun’s long gone, and the food’s cold on his plate

And, when he gets angry, he’s never to blame

I’m often underfoot, and that stokes his flames

But when he raises his hand, I beg him to hit me no more

But he doesn’t listen, and I end up on the floor

He doesn’t mean it, I know. He forgets himself, when he does

I know inside is the man who I always will love

But sometimes I wonder, as I lie on the floor,

What will it take for him to hurt me no more?


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