Bitter Taste On Your Tongue

I guess everyone’s crazy, at least when they’re young

But your ‘crazy’ still leaves a bitter taste on my tongue

And maybe, someday, I’ll laugh you off, too,

When the blood is forgotten, and the wounds have healed through

But I can’t think clearly while my heart’s still a mess

You had too many secrets, too many sins to confess

Your backhanded ways screamed ‘foul play’ from the start

But I was blind to your lies, and let you into my heart

And now I spit at your name, for the way you deceive

Is cowardly and shameful. I’ve no reason to grieve

Your leaving, your loss; it’s a joy to behold.

I don’t need your love, or a man’s hand to hold

Your love’s cruel, the kind that rips you apart

And leaves bloodstained scars carved into your heart

And makes ex’s of lovers, and old hearts from young

And leaves a bitter taste forever stuck on your tongue


Harbour of Shame

A.N. Lose it a bit towards the end, but the flow isn’t too bad.

He swears that it’s true, but his truth is a lie,

And any love he felt has, long ago, died

At least so they tell me, but I’m not so sure

My heart aches when I’m alone, and he’s the only cure

They say it isn’t love if he hurts me, but they

Don’t understand how he suffers, day after day

His boss is relentless, and his workers are fools,

He can’t stand it when others don’t follow the rules

And traffic’s always bad, that’s why he runs late

’til the sun’s long gone, and the food’s cold on his plate

And, when he gets angry, he’s never to blame

I’m often underfoot, and that stokes his flames

But when he raises his hand, I beg him to hit me no more

But he doesn’t listen, and I end up on the floor

He doesn’t mean it, I know. He forgets himself, when he does

I know inside is the man who I always will love

But sometimes I wonder, as I lie on the floor,

What will it take for him to hurt me no more?

Invisible Heart

They can’t see my heart, so they assume it’s not there.

They’re thoughtless, and it breaks, but they don’t even care.

Just because it is hidden doesn’t mean I can’t feel

And, though they say it’s love, that doesn’t mean it is real.

I know it wasn’t love, now, that it was just a game

But if it wasn’t really love, then why’s it hurt the same?

World on Fire

In a world on fire, she brings the rain

Extinguishes realms of roaring flames

Some people burn, but she glows bright

To a world in darkness, she brings the light

The Earth only turns with her permission

She loves all its people without condition

Inside her embrace, no evil may enter

In an unbalanced world, she is the centre

She’s the only one alive who could set me at ease

When I’m with my mother, I can feel at peace

The Bogeyman’s Daughter

She sits by the window, stares into the night

Hugged by the darkness, unburdened by fright

The thrill of death enraptures, envelops, excites

But she stands by her post and stays out of sight

A highway, you know, is a dangerous thing

You can’t count the horrors that travel may bring

But she sits and she waits, contains her delight,

Until an unsuspecting traveller enters her sight

And that’s when she pounces! And that’s when she scores!

The Bogeyman’s daughter, heard of only in lore

She’s the devilish damsel who grips her prey tight

And whisks them away beneath the cover of night

So be wary, dear traveller, lest you enter her realm,

She’ll personally escort you to the Gates of your Hell

Living on Borrowed Time

I check my watch. It’s just about time

The clouds are clearing, and the stars align

In perfect patterns, like they did before

This is our D-Day, the end of a war

And I know, I know, that I’ve done a lot wrong

No one will miss me when I am gone

But the heat of battle still rages fresh

And I celebrate tonight without regrets

I would let it go, but it doesn’t feel right

To live in the day while forgetting the night

I wouldn’t dwell on the past, but the scars from the fight

Are wrapped around my heart, and squeeze it tight

And the pain stuck there forces me to remember

Even the smallest wars change people forever

So I take a step forward, toe-to-toe on the line,

But steady as ever, living on borrowed time

Mission to Love

A.N. This is a bit different; changed the rhyme scheme and the metre is more free verse than usual.

I see him there, poised to kill,

Perched on the rooftop high above.

But his rifles don’t scare me,

I don’t take orders, save from my heart.

I’m on a mission to love.

And the world turns faster up here, somehow,

All drenched in sleet and rain.

The thunder mimics my heart’s own beat

In a vicious symphony, almost a battle

Can I love through this pain?

He takes his shot, and doesn’t miss,

But I’m down here, walking still.

He shot my brains out, and I’m lost

But my heart still beats. I love him,

And I think I always will.


Dreams for the Plucking

Ripe on the tree and plump on the vine

They’re ready to pick, it’s just about time

The colours are bright — can you imagine the taste?!

But don’t wait too long, or they’ll go to waste

A dream’s only good for a limited time

They take so long to ripen, yet but a moment to die

You can pick any one, but beware which you do

You’ll be stuck, forever, with the dream you choose

And if it tastes foul, or it slips from your hands,

There’ll be no one to blame, but you will be damned

You will walk your whole life beneath the weight of lost dreams

So go ahead, pick a fruit! I can’t wait to see where it leads


An apple a day keeps the doctor away

While a fresh clove of garlic keeps spirits at bay

And luck can be had through a number of routes

With rabbits’ feet, crickets, clovers, and horseshoes

But beware the black cats, and the sidewalk cracks,

And be prepared for loss if you itch your own back

And remember warm hearts come from hands too cold

And if you follow a rainbow, you’ll always find gold