Every day’s a strange night’s end

Where rules and logic start to bend

Life’s a riddle, and I spend too much time

Search for a clarity I’ll never find

But it doesn’t matter, when I’m lost and confused,

Which roads I take, and which ones I’ve used,

Life doesn’t care. It will attacks all ways,

That’s the reason I run; I know I’ll die if I stay


Allistair Adair

I fell in love three years ago

A summer fling, I watched it grow

Into something more, a reckless dream,

Despite the warnings they left for me

I couldn’t see the flashing signs

I was in love! Pure bliss and sighs

Was all I knew, in those happy days

Before the innocence broke away

But now I live a handmade Hell

With He I thought I knew so well

We never play fair any more

We shout and scream and slam the doors

And I say things that I don’t mean

When he’s been drinking, and he hits me

And yes, I do know what they say

That I should stop, and walk away

But it’s not that easy to leave your love

The world is lonely for those unloved

And so I stomach his blows with a grin

Because I’m nothing if I can’t have him


So tired my eyes they burn with the weight

Of one thousand nights I’ve stayed up too late

And my bones groan, too, from the weight they’ve borne

A tired heart’s heavy, weepy, forlorn

And everything’s fuzzy inside of my head

I’m too tired for sleep, yet I still go to bed

And there I lie dreaming without closing my eyes

I see demons and monsters flash through the sky

And then, without tears, I cry for no reason

My body betrays me. I’d hang it for treason

But it hangs limp already. I’ve no strength to stand

Yet on and on I putter, searching for some safe place to land

With Bare Feet

Handcuffs too tight, I’m marched

Down bare streets

With bare feet

I used to love you

You know, you made

Me feel complete

You were everything

To me, but now I hate you

I hate you, I hate

Everything about you

If I could run any faster

Away, I would, but these

Cuffs are too tight. The

Memory of you holds me

Still, but time drags me along

March, it says. March.


so that’s what they call it

when he touches you

even though you said no

even though you didn’t want to

there’s a word for it, small

but it leaves a big impression

but i am no a victim

i will not be made a ‘victim’

i am strong, it doesn’t bother me

and i don’t want to complain

or cause trouble it’s not like i’m


or anything

i just want to forget

maybe if i forget it will be like

it never happened

if i don’t say anything

if i keep quiet

no one will know

so sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i didn’t hear anything

did you?

Getaway Car

Sirens blare as rubber burns

My tires skid as I take the turn

They’re chasing me, shouting “STOP!”

But I’ve got no time for crooked cops

I’ve done nothing wrong that I can see

And it’s not my fault I should be free

And so I run, and watch them fail

As they chase after me, to no avail

Their lights are blaring too far behind

I’ll always be the one they couldn’t find


Like poison, you drip down the sides of my cup

An odourless, tasteless, incapacitating drug

I love the way you make me feel, a no-good renegade

If I can have your loveless high, then why would I behave?

You seep into my deepest veins and travel to my heart

From there you infect every cell and rip me right apart

A single drop’s enough to kill, but I reach for you, all the same

Call me weak, addicted, a fool, but, if love’s crazy, I’m insane

Personal Hell

The bells rang out as the music swelled

Welcome, they sang, to your Personal Hell

I never knew that they sang as a matter of course

I was overjoyed to be here. I’d screamed myself hoarse.

But the demons emerge when you’re the least on edge

And leave you defenceless. With no proof, you allege

The crimes they commit, but they just laugh at you,

Saying you should have known what you’d gotten into

And it was my dream, once, and a lovely dream, too

I can still hear them ringing, even though I don’t want to

They sing in the dark, when nothing’s going well

Welcome, the bells sing, to your Personal Hell

The Light of Hell

She wears light and dark equally well

The light of Heaven, and the keys to Hell

A lovely smile, and a blackened soul

How many she’s sentenced, no one knows

She’s friends with the souls who wander still

Through Earth unseen, seeking their fill

Of lives unlived, of sights unseen

And travelling to places where they’ve never been

But when they slip, she’s there to fight

And banishes them off to the blackest night

No vile ghosts roam while she’s on guard

And her vigil keeps us here from harm

In her gentle way, she’s a guardian standing

Heaven’s left hand, an angel upstanding

Rhapsody in Gold

No matter the places my feet may go

I spend my whole life looking for gold

And striving forever for higher heights

Setting my cap where I set my sights

After climbing a hill, a mountain appears

And I’ll climb it, too, wasting countless years

Pursuing new goals just a bit out of reach

I’ve nothing to show for it, and even less to teach

But there’s a thrill you get when you’re in pursuit

Of an elusive goal. Yes, while you’re en route,

You’re caught in the chase, and you feel so alive

Nothing is worse than ending the ride

So maybe it’s not about reaching your goals

But riding to them, watching life as it rolls,

And, maybe, one day, I might enjoy the ride

But for now I’ll lean forward, awaiting each high