I bang on the windows, and scream, “LET ME OUT!”

But the guards turn their backs. They don’t care how I shout

In their chests beat stone hearts, where no feeling exists

And they try to silence me, but I always resist

I’m the revolution, rebellion, and I will not be stopped

By tiny little windows with pathetic little locks

And so I bang on the glass with all the strength I possess

But it is bulletproof. It gives me no access.

And so I turn around, and hound the guards more

For, just behind them, I can see the prison door

And, if I can distract them, perhaps I could break free

But they are not so stupid. They have their eyes on me.

All I want to know is the reason I’m locked here

But none of them will tell me. They act like they can’t hear.

So, with no other option, I continue plotting schemes

From this prison cell in Hell, from which, one day, I’ll be free


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