but i have talons, and i have wings

and i am capable of a great many things

they might scorn me, and they can scoff

but this is my runway. i’m taking off.

they can call me a villain, and push me away

but they needn’t worry. i’m not here to stay.

i won’t be a punching bag forever, you know

one of these days, i’ll find the strength to let go

and that will be glorious, that day that i’m free

with wind in my wings, they’ll be miles beneath me

and i’ll soar through the clouds, an equal, at last

their taunts and their prods will be memories long past


One thought on “Wind in my Wings

  1. Hello. What’s up? I hope everything’s doing well with you! I’ve been reading your posts and I just wanna let you know that because of posts like these, I am so proud to be a part of this community, you guys are creative and profound. I’ll follow your blog and I hope you could follow my Blog as well. Have fun writing! Thank you for being an inspiration to many. 🙂


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