Never Find Rest

I run with a knife clutched tight in my fist

Who would have thought that I’d end up like this?

Helpless, alone, with nowhere to run

Well, that’s what they think, but the fight’s just begun

Life almost killed me, left me hanging by threads

But I pulled myself out, and turned crazy, instead

And now I’ve returned for long-awaited revenge

I’ve a score to settle, and friends to avenge

Life was quite comfy, in his fireside chair

When I crept on all fours to his underground lair

But as I approached, Life awoke, and I cursed

Leave it to my luck to turn things for the worst

Life didn’t seem surprised, no, not in the least

When I showed him my knife, and lunged at the beast

He merely dodged the attack, and said with a smile

“I thought that you’d come. I’ve been waiting a while.”

I snarled at this sentiment, baring my teeth

But my outburst only seemed to make Life looked relieved

“I’m glad that you’re here, now,” he said, smiling still.

“I was starting to wonder if you’d lost your will.”

NEVER! I screamed. The knife sliced through the air

NEVER! And my veins pulsed with liquid despair

For Life grabbed my wrist, and I dropped my knife

Leaving him to retrieve it, that vile, vicious Life!

How dare he! Give it back, I told him, but he

Only laughed, only smiled, at my “quaint naivety”

“Do you think Life is conquered so easily, my dear?

So many dream it’s so easy! But it isn’t, I fear.”

But I was not afraid, as Life approached, knife in hand

There were some things I knew Life would never understand

Like how you can hate so much that you kill

Or how you can die, but somehow smile still

And, as Life killed me, with the dagger I’d brought,

I died a little happy, with my grizzly thoughts,

Because I would never know what happened after my death,

But Life would go on living. He would never find rest.


Lead Turned to Gold

Like a thunderbolt they came, the feelings of old

Returning with a vengeance, lead turned to gold

Feelings I’d forgotten until they re-bloomed

They grew stronger and stronger, and I was consumed

And sometimes I think it’s too heavy to bear

Why am I doing this? It doesn’t seem fair

That I should sweat buckets over one little word

It’s irrational, illogical, altogether absurd!

But the heart knows no reason when the head’s in a tizzy

So I shelf my feelings, and try to keep busy

It’s a minor distraction, a temporary escape,

Disguising reality with a bit of duct tape

And though I might cry rivers when it’s over, for now,

I’ll stay calm and composed (or, at least, I’ll try to figure out how)

The Stock of Legends

She is the light in the darkest of days

Her wings habour those seeking shelter from rain

She bears the strength of a thousand men

She could flatten mountains, then build them again

She walks with the grace of a flock of swans

Holy is the ground which she treads upon

She dances with angels, and loves everyone

Hers is a legacy to be never outdone

Her voice is an echo sent straight from God

She walks without fear, though her path’s one few have trod

She is braver than a king marching steadily to war

For she sings with the birds and, in their skies, soars

She’s the stock of legends, the same stuff as stars

Only made more lovely by each battle scar

A person to be loved and cherished beyond all others

You know who I speak of — who else, but a mother!

Hell’s Bells

Hell’s bells ring as the Devil sings

Words and melodies threaded by strings

Nonsensical, of course, but it’s the tune of Hell

Where little makes sense, and less ends well

Can you hear them now, the tolling bells?

“Welcome,” they sing. “Welcome to Hell!”

And the Devil chimes in, with his gravelly tones,

As he rests on his skulled-tipped, Hellish throne

It’s the tune of nightmares, Hell’s theme song,

Staccato at first, but finishing strong

It wakes me up from innocent dreams

Hell Rising Triumphant, the Devil reigns Supreme

Trapped in Hell

I bang on the windows, and scream, “LET ME OUT!”

But the guards turn their backs. They don’t care how I shout

In their chests beat stone hearts, where no feeling exists

And they try to silence me, but I always resist

I’m the revolution, rebellion, and I will not be stopped

By tiny little windows with pathetic little locks

And so I bang on the glass with all the strength I possess

But it is bulletproof. It gives me no access.

And so I turn around, and hound the guards more

For, just behind them, I can see the prison door

And, if I can distract them, perhaps I could break free

But they are not so stupid. They have their eyes on me.

All I want to know is the reason I’m locked here

But none of them will tell me. They act like they can’t hear.

So, with no other option, I continue plotting schemes

From this prison cell in Hell, from which, one day, I’ll be free

Twinkling Star’s Breath

I know that I’ll never know

How it comes, or where you go

But you disappeared in a twinkling star’s breath

And, when I awoke, I was the only one left

And somehow I know that you’re better off now

Though starlight’s too weak to let me see how

I imagine at nights that you’re safe and sound

And that helps me sleep, since you’re not around

And I know that I’m foolish, for believing such tales

As heaven and spirits. Life is too frail

For individuals to matter, that I now know,

But I still can’t understand why you had to go

And disappear one night, in a twinkling star’s light

Slipping away without so much as a fight

Leaving me here without ever knowing why

What happened to forever?

you didn’t even say good-bye

The Queen

A.N. Not the best, I know. 

arms chained to the wall, feet chained to a ball

the prisoner who once stood a thousand feet tall

with crowns and tiaras and bullions to spare

she courted disaster, but no one would dare

to displease her, defy her, to challenge her reign

so court was played nicely, and things stayed the same

but, just like the saying, even the mighty oak falls

and all of her wealth couldn’t spare the Queen’s fall

for, while at her strongest, reality set in

and she succumbed, a victim of ego and sin


Rising Tides

With the rising tide, the waters creep,

Through my clothes and shoes they seep

Bringing disaster, bringing despair

I scream, but the sound dies in the air

It’s a menacing thing, the rising tide

Cold and relentless, sloshing each stride

It crawls like a panther stalking its prey

As I stand here alone, to face Judgement Day

But then, at the end, when there’s no place to run

The tide starts to recede. At least for now, I’ve won.

chocolate heart

they say she has a heart of gold

but i would rather have a heart

of chocolate

beautiful brown orbs of delight that


on your tongue stain your teeth leave you craving




a rush of pleasure from a gush of flavour

gold is for others but


is all for me

they call me selfish

if selfish tastes this sweet

why would i try to change?

Wind in my Wings

but i have talons, and i have wings

and i am capable of a great many things

they might scorn me, and they can scoff

but this is my runway. i’m taking off.

they can call me a villain, and push me away

but they needn’t worry. i’m not here to stay.

i won’t be a punching bag forever, you know

one of these days, i’ll find the strength to let go

and that will be glorious, that day that i’m free

with wind in my wings, they’ll be miles beneath me

and i’ll soar through the clouds, an equal, at last

their taunts and their prods will be memories long past