am i the hero or the villain?

the answer’s not clear

i strive for success

but thrive on fear

fear motivates others

while they scorn my success

and playing nice and polite

leaves me resultless

and so i take action

through dubious means

to show that reality’s not

quite what they dream

we break their hearts with compassion

break the walls with our cries

break their senses with power

break our truth through their lies

does this make me a villain?

pushing too hard for truth?

or am i just a soldier

with methods uncouth?

i don’t know the answer

(does anyone know?)

but each step we take

is one further we go

and history is written by winners

losers languish in shame

is this maybe the answer?

villains lose in their games?

only time tells, i guess,

which side i am on

so, until that time comes,

we’ll keep fighting on


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