In a hidden armoire lay a host of jewels

Precious-stone hearts, ten emotions to rule

A sapphire heart, for sad, gloomy days

Tears sparkle like crystals when they catch the sun’s rays

And an obsidian heart, for when dark days turn black

When you’re broken, dejected, and stabbed in the back

While a ruby heart sits like a queen on its shelf

A reminder that love comes from loving ourselves

Then there’s a gleaming jade heart, envy entombed,

Opaque as the clouds which from jealousy blooms

And an amethyst stone, light-hearted, care-free

For when drudgery dissolves into naïve gaiety

Do you see that one? The pearl? A princess of pride

Pride in ourselves, our work, love, and our lives

And there lies the onyx, a mysterious force

Compulsion and instinct both wind its course

But the force is belied by the aquamarine

A beauty of depth, one finds peace in its sheen

Ninth is the emerald, a sign of rebirth

The glory and hope that envelops the Earth

But the peerless heart that lights my way

Is the diamond with the light of thousands of days

It shines pure white, a true heart’s reflection

All the lights combined, in a single direction


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