In my dreams I saw the light

Searing, shining, blinding white

And the deep voice spoke to me: “Come here.”

My feet were stiff, but they dragged me near

Yet in my fear I screamed out, “NO!”

It seemed so right, but I couldn’t go

There still was something I had to do

I couldn’t die, my life wasn’t through

And then I woke, heartbeat on my tongue

Gasping for air as if I’d just run

As confused and broken as while I’d dreamt

No idea what had happened, or what the dream meant

And so I turned over, to go back to sleep

But the fear and chagrin played on repeat

I couldn’t forget what had made me afraid

So I gave up on sleep, and lay there, awake

It’s the solemnest truth, a nightmare’s power

To cheat us of rest; our slumber, devour


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