so this is the last day, last night i am 22 like

the taylor swift song i danced to last year i

kept dancing between tears and sometime

last week i woke up and realised i was all

grown up, somewhere between holding the

hand of a dying John Doe and sticking my

fingers up yet another patient’s rectum someone

decided it was high time i was married and

started a family of my own and devoted my life

to some man but how to pick one man to devote

my life to a life to be spent in service to others am i

too old for a dream? is this growing up is? to

realise that the world is too big, that you are

too small, that nothing really matters, that we

are irrelevant, that nobody cares, that no one is

special, that dreams are for fools.

look up, look up, the sun will rise on another

day and one day i too will not see it because now

i am grown up like someone decided too old

for dreams now so get married, get married, the

kitchen is waiting for you remember your old

schoolfellows with children what’s wrong with

you dreamer don’t be a disappointment a failure a


dreams are for children

did you really think you mattered?


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