america, wake up! see past the pretty perfume

ads that line the fringes of your media and stand

up, wake up, stand tall! is this what you want, a

glass ceiling that fools may shatter but women

cannot? how many times have i been told i’m

brave ‘for a girl’, i’m smart ‘for a girl’, i did that

well ‘for a girl’? the timeless battle, now a battle

of the century, a lady versus a trump. when did

we become so blind, to be soothed by a

monotone lullaby full of empty words and lofty

promises? the world is watching, america! it holds its

breath once more for you, don’t let it

down. i know, we know there is no perfection,

no one is perfect, i make mistakes, too. but

beyond your bedazzled dreams do you taste the

difference between controversy and hopelessness?

america, wake up! the world is watching you.


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