In Your Dreams

Inside of my mind, that’s where they dwell

The monsters, the demons, in darkness they swell

And all that I am, and all that I do

Is reduced into nothing once they’ve all been through

They consume my whole soul, my heart, and my brain

My past, present, future: all of it’s game

Nothing is safe, my shadow spells “prey”

And no number of prayers will keep them away

And though I might beg, oh, how I beg them to leave

But, once they’re inside, they’re forever in your dreams


Into the Light

And so the hapless moth took flight

And flew into the burning light

It never truly stood a chance

It was smitten with Death from its first glance

And you can hear the other moths cry

As all creatures do, when clansmen die

They mourn a little, and then move on

Until to fire another moth is drawn

trial by fire

likes jericho the walls are tumbling




the people cheer and the flames

grow higher


the pronouncement


came like an axe crashing down on my head


i’m dead

the metaphorical noose tied tight

the doors locked until daylight

a witch they called me, malicious and vile

for being a healer, for helping

for cheating death of its prey

forgive me for sinning

for letting them live another day

in dawn’s early light i stand, condemned

they point, jeer, laugh. how easily they forget

who it was they turned to in their hour of need.

The torch is lit.

If she lives, it is by the will of God.

(In this world, or the next).

ashes to ashes


Pawn-Shop Girl

Pawn-shop girl

Sell your heart for gold

Flaunt your wares, but be quick!

They won’t want you when you’re old

Beware, pawn-shop girl!

The world loves you now

Go on, give them your soul

They’ll soon enough kick you out

The world doesn’t want wrinkles

Though wise you might be

They want pretty, empty smiles

Naïve gaiety

So, pawn-shop girl

Are you ready to shine?

Get ready for the lights

All silvers tarnish with time

Faded Faces

we are the children whose silence is pain

the bloodstains washed out in metaphorical rain

our brains bearing scars from words, jabs, and punches

caught up in corridors, stalls, and cafeteria lunches

do you see all our faces? our black-and-white tears

fall down our cheeks as we fade through the years

you won’t know our scars, for we hide them too well

but scars don’t equate to having stories to tell

and tell them we could, if people only would hear

the world would be changed, it would all be so clear

but no one ever listens, thus, in shadows we dwell

the children in silence, whose stories none tell


I run against the rising tide

Beating down breakers without breaking my stride

Choking on salt in the foggy air

Do you feel the breeze? It’s the wind of despair

Everything cracks and falls out of place

It’s a fight that I’ll lose, there’s no saving grace

But I’ll fight to the end, with both fists held high

And I’ll haunt them in death with the strength of my life

The jail bars rattle with every tug

They’re rusty and brittle, but they don’t budge

I hear the dark shadows rustle and moan

I chase after sounds, but I find I’m alone

Everything’s breaking inside of my head

I try to keep fighting, but the spirit is dead

I’m floundering, lost, as they laugh and stare

How can I breathe when I’m choking on air?

Witch Hunt

Do you see them? The shadows? They chase me nonstop

They run through my veins and make my ears pop

They stuff up my throat until I can’t breathe

And new ones arrive, but the old ones don’t leave

They are the shadows of demons that I’ve known for years

They drag me to the edge, push me off, and then cheer

They leave me on cliffs, hanging onto by a thread,

Stabbed, broken, bleeding. I’d be better off dead.

These demons pursue me wherever I run

They haunt me with memories of the things that I’ve done

Venom drips from their mouths as their spiteful words fly

They’ll rip up my heart until the day that I die

Dead of Night

In the dead of night

When I can’t sleep

Poisoned thoughts race

With ends incomplete

I doze off in nightmares

And awaken confused

For my thoughts have derailed

My brain has been bruised

No worse feeling exists

Than feeling alone

And, though I am loved,

Now I’m on my own

No one is listening

In the dead of night

None hear your screams

Full of tears and fright

They say that I’m foolish

To feel as I do

No one cares if you’re lonely

We’re all loners, too

But I can’t stop thinking

It’s the cold dead of night

And no one can hear me

I’m lost in my plight

I Tried

A.N. I tried. Sonnets aren’t my thing.

In the darkest of days

When there’s no sign of hope

You’ve no idea how to cope

So you run far away

And you feel so alone

Nothing seems to make sense

No one comes to your defence

You’re all on your own

So you light up your way

With dreams of your own

You sing your own song

To lift the darkness away

You fight, small and alone,

Because you’re little, but strong

Those Who Wander

I left a light in the window

But you never came home

I waited in shadows

But I waited alone

I lit the candle you asked for

But it burnt through the night

And it only flickered out

In the early dawn’s light

I waited in silence

For you to come back

But I waited in vain

As my hopes faded to black

Perhaps I’m just a fool

To have dreamt that you’d care

I guess Heaven’s too far

My words can’t reach you there