From starlit shadows, eyes glitter and gleam

The denizens of nightmares start to convene

All fighting to win the very top prize

Of “Champion Frightster” on Halloween night

The race is arranged, and the rules are all set

Every goblin’s face is covered in sweat

But no one show’s mercy — it’s every ghoul for himself

On a Halloween night where few things bodes well

They divide into teams, based on magic and style

The witches and goblins (who’ve been friends for a while)

Against the ghosts and the demons, for quite even odds

They’re the best of the ghouls, the Halloween gods

Some fly to the sky, and rain down sweet hell

While others take down the streets to cast all their spells

It’s a two-front guerrilla war, a free-fire blitz

And soon, friend turns on friend, taking shots, taking hits

On the fight’s final lap, it’s down to just two

A witch and a demon, in the midst of a duel

They throw out their spells with a careful precision

As they both condemn each other with careless derision

But, just as they both fly to the sky

They fall back, unconscious. The race is a tie!

It’s a huge disappointment, to end up this way

The great fight’s a fluke. The ghouls trickle away

And plot once again for the next year’s fight

All of them aspiring to be the Champion of Fright


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