On dark, silent nights, as I lie in my bed

I see ten-foot demons dance through my head

They squeal and they scream as they feast on my soul

They gnaw through my heart, leave a hollowed-out hole

I can’t see through the darkness, their pull is too strong

They leave me in pieces, wondering where I went wrong

They are ghosts from the past I don’t want to see

But their faces are leering. They are haunting me.

So I fall on my knees, and pray every way

That I know, that I’ve learnt, please, keep these demons away

But nobody listens (or nobody cares)

And the demons roam freely, despite all of my prayers

Until morning breaks, when they all disappear

And then I breathe easy, through the dissipating fear

And I go about my day, until the night falls again

And I fall back into the cycle that never seems to end


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