They tell me I’m timid, and call me “too shy”

But they do not know me, nor how loud I can cry

My voice is on pages, in words, black-and-white

And my words throw a punch worse than any fist-fight

It’s a quick party trick, standing still, taking hits

Grit your teeth, curl your hands into tiny little fists,

Look away, run away, let them laugh at your back

But with words you stand up, turn around, and hit back.

They’ll never see it coming. I swear they never do.

To see a story where the villain screams his insults like they do.

And I can bring tears to any hardened-heart’s eyes

With a few simple words, carefully crafted in my mind

See, I’m not really “timid”. I just speak a different way.

I shout with words unspoken, but they’re forever here to stay

I hit you back far harder than you ever could hit me

Your hits may make me sting, but my words will make you bleed.


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