I fell in love once, just a little too late,

For she was too restless, and she couldn’t wait

It wasn’t the love between women and men

No, this was much purer — the love of best friends

But she disappeared inside Death’s steely grasp

And that’s when I learnt that love never lasts

She leapt inside so willingly that I’d no time to fear the end

She leapt inside, and thus she died, my one and only friend

I watched the flames consume her there, helpless and afraid

I tried my best, did what I could, but she couldn’t be saved

And that was how I came to be all alone, in the end

My heart got torn to pieces when all I wanted was a friend

And I will never know her love at all, for she’s too far away

Just when I learnt what friends were for, she stole herself away


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