The fog was so thick that no one could see

And, when the train left, it left without me

I tried to catch up, but the wheels were too fast

And, when I lost sight, I gave up at last

I sat on the tracks, tried catching my breath

I was lost and alone, but I needed to rest

I needed a plan to run far away

I needed to leave, but where could I stay?

I couldn’t stay here, no, that much was clear

Every brick, every step filled me with fear

Yet just as I reached my poor wits’ end

I heard a train whistle, like a long-lost friend

I stood up and waved, and it screeched to a stop

The side door swung open with a hiss and a pop

The letters on the side were bright red and gold,

The HEARTBREAK EXPRESS was a sight to behold

It was glistening silver, as if shining with tears

Its lanterns shone brightly, dispelling my fears

I lifted my feet and entered the car

Took a seat just as the engines started

And it was easy, just like that, to start flying away

From my past, from regret, I was now on my way

And everything somehow seemed so fresh and new

There was so much to see, to plan, learn, and to do

We passed over rivers, through deserts, through fields

We crossed the Earth twice over on those clack-clacking wheels

We even flew past Mars and Saturn, with its luminescent rings

But we reached the station far too soon, as often happens with these things

Yet my eyes were dry as I realised that this wacky trip had ended

We landed back on Earth, the doors opened, and I descended

But, when I looked back suddenly to thank it for its time

The grand HEARTBREAK EXPRESS had vanished out of sight


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