Oh, she is a goddess who glows in the rain

My beautiful mother, who loves through her pain

Wherever she walks, flowers bloom at her feet

She’s the brightest of stars you ever could meet

She shines with perfection, with unaltered grace

Neither silver nor gold shine as much as her face

And her voice is so kind, so gentle and wise

I could listen to her speak until the very end of time

I love when she laughs — like tiny bells ringing

I love when she’s happy, because then she starts singing

But most of all I love how she loves through her pain

The horrid, hateful sort that never leaves you the same

She always forgives, even when she can’t forget

She understands people’s thoughts, and lives life without regret

Oh, how I wish that I could be even half as kind as that!

But I’m a flare of lightning. I erupt in just a flash.

While she’s a candle burning brightly, warm and steady for so long

There is no one quite like her anywhere: pure and kind, yet so strong.


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