She stands like marble, armed with bow and blade

The fair-haired Huntress, the immortal maid

Her hair runs like a river, woven in place

Her fingers are long, frozen with grace

She lives in my mind, in the furrows and grooves

Where crazy thoughts roam, for I’ve nothing to prove

And she can run there, too, and she can be free

Because she’s in my thoughts, a keepsake for me

And she’s a reminder of strength, of poise and pride

She reminds me that someone’s always there, by my side

She is a guardian; she guards all my thoughts

I picture her there when the nights grow too long

And she’s always with me, my constant and true

She guides me along, and shows me what to do


Social Anxiety

i never thought i’d live to see

the day my voice abandoned me

but, in my time of need, it left

left me alone, bare and bereft

i tried to speak, but only air,

air whistled out, and left despair.


It was a fine summer night, but when I got home

I saw a horrid sight, and it turned my blood cold

The Devil hung by his neck from our shared bedroom ceiling

My heart paused in its course, and my body lost feeling

He hung there still, his face bloated and blue

He hung there, dead. I didn’t know what to do.

So I looked in his eyes, but I couldn’t look away

I was trapped in his lies, though he’d no more to say

He was dead, done, finished! But his legacy lay thick

It turned the air putrid, and it made my breath stick

I felt my throat closing from the memories around

But the Devil was dead! He hung feet from the ground!

But there was nothing I could do. His ghost was taunting me.

And the life we had lived, its weight was haunting me

And that’s how he killed me, when he was already dead

I couldn’t let him go, so he consumed me, instead

Happy Birthday.

The Devil’s birthday is drawing near

Her favourite time of the whole year

The blood of her victims coats her lips

She glues their teeth on her fingertips

She dyes her hair in thick, green bile

And ties it up in the latest style

And she bathes in sweat and tears

Collected from their nightmares and fear

And, when she’s finished, she chooses her gown

Ties all the ribbons, and parades around

She walks through our world, pure flesh and bone,

And counts all the souls that, one day, she’ll own

Don’t meet her eye, if you see her around

She’ll rip off your skin to add to her gown

Her eyes glow like rubies, a deep, bloody red

If she catches you staring, she won’t leave your head

So beware the Devil, lest you join the parade

Of the hapless souls who couldn’t be saved

And are doomed forever to be part of her game

Happy birthday, dear Devil. May many more come your way.

of my own making

i walk through fire on broken glass

on burnt-out dreams and cold grey ash

beneath the dim fluorescent lights

illuminating halls in the dead of night

i wade through seas of tears i’ve created

from grief and fears that weren’t mitigated

i choke as the waves weigh everything down

they cover my eyes, my face, and i drown

everything is spinning too quickly, too soon

i’m running around between wards, between rooms

i’m trapped in a maze, can’t find the way out

i’m pursued by dark demons of fear and self-doubt

yes, i walk through a fire, but it’s of my own making

where souls set bodies free, though loved hearts are breaking

i walk through the fires that set others free

though their flames keep me trapped here for all eternity


in burning dreams the walls collapse

a fire-fall of glass and ash

the room is filled with soot and smoke

my thorax burns i gasp and choke

i can’t escape it’s all around

i try to scream but there’s no sound

the red-gold flames creep everywhere

and my eyes open


there’s nothing there


so then i wake and walk and work

where flameless fires always lurk

they creep around the words they say

they creep around me every day

they burn their pattern in my brain

the searing pain turns me insane

so that whenever i close my eyes

i see fire


through its disguise


In rooftop gardens the daffodils bloom

She can see their blossoms from her hospital room

She sees them wave in the wind and rain

She sees their colours, and it soothes her pain

They seem so happy, so alive and carefree!

It reminds her of how she, too, used to be

It reminds her of better times she used to know

All this from a garden, where daffodils grow

Under the Mask

She heard the clinking of the blades

And I could see she was afraid

Her eyes were wide and dark with fear

And down her cheek trickled a tear

I spoke to her softly, but she couldn’t hear

She was worlds away, in a world of fear

A world that med schools never teach

A world too far for me to reach

But I took her hand, and softly squeezed

Though hers were fears I couldn’t ease

I could give her hope that one was near

Who’d stand by her while she was here

And, with my presence, she calmed down

Her lips curled upwards from a frown

And I could see that she’d found peace

When she finally drifted off to sleep

A Goddess (Revised)

Oh, she is a goddess who glows in the rain

My beautiful mother, who loves through her pain

Wherever she walks, flowers bloom at her feet

She’s the brightest of stars you ever could meet

She shines with perfection, with unaltered grace

Neither silver nor gold shine as much as her face

And her voice is so kind, so gentle and wise

I could listen to her speak until the very end of time

I love when she laughs — like tiny bells ringing

I love when she’s happy, because then she starts singing

But most of all I love how she loves through her pain

The horrid, hateful sort that never leaves you the same

She always forgives, even when she can’t forget

She understands people’s thoughts, and lives life without regret

Oh, how I wish that I could be even half as kind as that!

But I’m a flare of lightning. I erupt in just a flash.

While she’s a candle burning brightly, warm and steady for so long

There is no one quite like her anywhere: pure and kind, yet so strong.



An angel lay on sandy dunes

And softly sang a mournful tune

Her wings were broken, black and limp,

Bloodstains marred her throat and lips

Her eyes were dead, but her heart still beat

Her aura shone with bitter defeat

Beside her sat a small man in red

He was the Devil, and he wanted her dead.

He’d pulled all the stops, his charm and his guile,

And now he’d succeeded, that’s why he smiled

“My dear Helena,” he said, as he rustled his shirt.

“My dear Helena, please join me. I swear it won’t hurt.

We could rule Hell together. Why, with you by my side,

Everything would be swell. All that’s left to do is die.”

It was an offer that she’d heard before

It was an offer that she completely abhorred

She’d sworn to never let that monster in

She’d sworn to never let the Devil win

But now the hazy mists were thickening

And the tired angel’s death was quickening

She didn’t have the strength to sit

She couldn’t even speak a bit

Her mournful tunes were echoes, now,

A gasp was all her voice allowed

But still she turned to where the Devil sat

Took a deep breath, and, in his face, spat

“Oh, Helena, Helena!” the Devil cried.

“Why must you wound me?! You’re about to die!

Let me save you, Helena. We’d be perfect, see?

Oh, Helena, please, don’t reject me!”

The Devil begged. He pleaded. He cried.

He did all three, but the angel still died.

Her wings evaporated into sandy dust,

Which blew away, in a sudden gust

But the corpse remained, a sign from above

Of the dangers that lurk when the Devil falls in love