And, on the bed, the patient’s crying

He screams out, “God, I think I’m dying!”

I stand there still; his BP drops

He’s bleeding fast; why won’t it stop?

The nurses are worried that he’ll stop breathing

His wound is deep. It keeps on bleeding.

They say he’s been stabbed. Does that mean that he’ll die?

I feel the tears spilling from both of my eyes.

My heart starts to thump like a brass tambourine

This is the scariest thing that I’ve ever seen

I don’t know what to do, or what needs to be done

I don’t know about surgeries; I’ve never seen one!

I look at the patient, and his eyes meet mine

We both know that he’s running out of time

But I can’t say anything. My voice is long gone.

I’m too scared to think; everything seems wrong.

But then she walks in, and they look up

She calms the patient with a single touch

The chaos is rampant all around

But she takes control without making a sound

And she is so patient, so gentle, so kind!

She looks at the chart. Soon, tasks are assigned.

We rush him downstairs to the operating room

Everything is hectic, but she knows what to do

It’s two in the morning, but she never once slips

While I’m stupid and clumsy and feel faint and trip

She always stands up, so confident and tall

She stays in control. She doesn’t panic at all.

The patient is bleeding, but she isn’t scared.

She speaks to him softly, lets him know that she’s there.

Beneath the OR lights, everything glows bright

As, in the dead of night, she rescues a life


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