In the silence of night, shrill sirens blare

Blue and red blazes cut through the air

Someone is dying; the change is abrupt.

The nurses start shouting, and chaos erupts

I look at the words, so small on the screen

Someone’s been stabbed. CT shows ruptured spleen.

I run to the room, and see all the blood

They try to put pressure, but it flows like a flood

My weak heart is thumping like a big tambourine

This is the scariest thing that I’ve ever seen

I don’t know what to do, or what needs to be done

I don’t know about surgeries; I’ve never seen one!

But everyone is shouting. No one seems to know

What they should be doing, or where we should go.

But then she walks in, and everyone looks up

She calms the patient with a gentle touch

She looks at all the blood, but she doesn’t blink

While I hide in the corner, too scared to think

She tells us get ready; he needs an operation

I’d run to the OR, but I’m unaware of its location

And somehow she sees this, through the chaos around,

And she shows me the way, without making a sound

And she gets what she needs. She knows what to do.

She seems so strong. I wish I could be, too.

But I’m just scared. I’ve never scrubbed in.

I feel goosebumps form all over my skin

I’m just in the way, don’t know what’s going on.

What if something bad happens, or I do something wrong?

But she is so patient, and she is so kind!

How can she be? It blows my mind!

She speaks with such respect and care

That, bit by bit, I forget to be scared

And when we’re in surgery, I don’t faint

Her work is fascinating — her hands don’t even shake!

And she is skilled beyond what I could have believed

How could someone so high up be kind to a student like me?

Do you think that she gets scared at all during nights like these?

No, I can’t see that happening. She seems far too at ease.

Maybe I could be like that, maybe some day far away

A spine of steel, a heart of gold, and hands that never go astray

A kindly presence that emerges just in time to save a life

A kind of healing guardian who turns nightmares into light


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