When a full moon rises, strange things stir

My mind turns hazy, and my vision blurs

No! I’m not drunk, just a little uneasy

These plagues from the moon would make anyone queasy

And I’m no exception. In fact, I’m the worst

I haven’t the stomach for the full moon’s curse

I retch in a basket when I am alone

I wipe off saliva. My stomach groans.

But when the beeping restarts, I turn back around

Grab another pair of gloves and follow the sound

I know the moon is shining, somewhere far away

But I can feel her curse red hot, like the harsh light of day

I see all kinds of terror, things to make men scream

I see all kinds of horror, but this is no book’s scene

I have all kinds of crises, as I run shouting “WHY?!”

But you’ll never believe what I saw last night — I saw a doctor cry!

He wasn’t very old or young, or tall, or short, or fat

It was hard to notice him in the corner where he sat

But I came slowly up on him, and he was unaware

Oh, I hope he forgives my temerity; I couldn’t help but stare!

He was sitting in the darkest corner, sobbing silently

He had his hands cover his face so no one else could see

I didn’t know quite what to do; I’d never seen this mess

The full moon brings out all its stops, but this was by far the best

A crying doctor in the corner of a darkened hospital room

A doctor crying — what a sight! What was I supposed to do?

“I didn’t know!” he finally said. “I didn’t know what to do!

And they just wouldn’t listen, no. What a thing to put me through!”

He was crying because he didn’t know? Because he was just a man?

Well, that was something that I knew well. I could understand.

But I lacked the courage to approach him and let my thoughts be shared

And so I slipped out silently, and he stayed unaware.


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