And, on the bed, the patient’s crying

He’s screaming out, “I think I’m dying!”

I stand there watching his BP drop

He’s bleeding fast, and it won’t stop

The nurses shout, “Sir, just keep breathing!”

But his wound is deep. It just keeps bleeding.

He’s been stabbed twice. Is he going to die?

I feel tears filling both of my eyes.

I see his chart sitting there on the table

I want to say something, but I’m not able

To speak right now. My voice is gone.

I’m too scared. All of just feels so wrong.

I shouldn’t be here. I have no place

Among this hallowed, healing space

Or this place of mourning, as it soon will be

My vision’s blurring. I can hardly see.

But then she walks in, pure poise and grace

A soft smile graces her tired face

The chaos is rampant all around

But she takes control without making a sound

And she is so patient, so gentle, so kind!

She looks at the chart. Soon, tasks are assigned.

We rush him downstairs to the operating room

A terrifying place that I’ve never been to

It’s two in the morning, but she never once slips

While I’m stupid and clumsy and falter and trip

But she doesn’t mind. She speaks to me, too!

She gives me a purpose, tells me what to do.

She always stands up, confident and tall

She takes control. She doesn’t panic at all.

The patient is bleeding, but she isn’t scared.

She just takes his hand, lets him know that she’s there.

Under the OR lights, even her hands glow bright

And, like an angel, tonight she rescues a life


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