More than Never

and i saw the tears my mother cried

when her little daughter died

i couldn’t help to comfort her

i couldn’t speak or call to her

i stood like glass against the wall

because she couldn’t see me at all

i had become a kind of ghost

to her, whom i loved the most

and when she walked up to the grave

i saw the tombstone bore my name

but it was nonsense, all of it

a horror tale that didn’t fit

why did she cry while i stood here

mirroring every one of her tears?

why was i dead? when did i die?

how could i make my mother cry?

it made no sense. who was to blame

i had died, but my mother felt the pain


Let It Burn

She holds a fire in her hands

That she wields far better than I can

And with that fire, she brings me pain

Like summer showers herald rain

She drenches me and burns my heart

She beats me senseless, and it’s hard

To see her with those other men

When I know I’d be true to him

But he won’t see me next to her

No one would. See how she burns?!

She captivates them, even me

She’s all that anyone wants to see

Some days I wish she’d go to hell

Or run away with someone else

Then I might hope to stand a chance

To catch his eye with a lingering glance

But until that time, I’ll watch and mourn

As she wields a fire that shines and burns

Requiem for the Wicked

A thousand candles fill the air

With the smoky scent of stale despair

A silent prayer for the wayward souls

Whose shallow hearts fill graves unknown

A thousand stars might light the sky

Without the means to show me why

A broken heart must burn this way

When a wayward soul chooses not to stay


I stand in the moonlight

He enters my head

“Hello,” says the Devil.

“I wish you were dead.”

The moon keeps on shining

And I start to smile

“Dead, my dear Devil?

Well, I’ll be, in a while.”

But the Devil is impatient

He doesn’t want to wait

He wants to see drown

In chaos, rage, and hate

But the moonlight is calming

So I’ll stay here, for a while

And though he’ll win, one day

For now, I’ll live and smile


i drive late at night

my eyes are so tired

i see the rain drop



oh, look at that!

pretty yellow lights blinking

red! bright red! like christmas lights

in spring.




Never Been Born

Her eyes fill with memories of bloodshed and gore

“Hey, doctor,” she says. “I wish I’d never been born.”

Her legs are too short to reach to the ground

So I lend her my arm, and help her jump down

She runs to the window, and looks at the sky

“It’s raining,” she says. “Someone’s made angels cry.”

Her little feet patter like drops on the floor

My hands starts to shake. I can’t take any more.

So I make my excuses and run from the room

My crafted fa├žade lies shattered in ruins

My childhood, my life never prepped me for this

Where a child tries to die to find solace and bliss

I stare out the window as rain splashes down

I push out my heart in hope that it drowns

And, once I am sure that I’ve lost it (for now)

I take a breath in, and turn back around

oh no

oh no

falling in love with you all

over again like all those nights

before i try to keep my hands away

but there you sit, so close, too close!

the smell of you fills my nose

i feel the goosebumps on my skin

the taste of you melting inside my mouth

and i reach


to grab you

fresh-baked pizza

straight from the oven

Recurrent Nightmares

Late at night, the demons creep

Inside my bedroom, while I sleep

They fill my head with evil dreams

They fill my sight with horrid scenes

I cannot get them out of my head

I cannot kick them out of my bed

I’m paralysed in sweat-filled sheets

I lie so still, but still I weep

And when the morning breaks at last

I know the demons’ time has passed

And so I rise to greet the light

To make more demons, who come at night

seamus o’reilly

i saw him there, on a cool march eve

he stood by the door, only two-foot-three

he took off his hat, showed his curly red hair,

and said, “pardon me, miss. ‘ave ya ale tah spare?”

what a funny little man, to come to my door!

i gave him a pint, and then a bit more

he drank it all up in one single slurp

he wiped off his mouth, and started to burp

“ay, excuse me!” he said, in a full irish lilt

he hung his head low, eyes full of guilt

“ah didn’t mean disrespect, miss. ahm jist so tired.”

and then he picked himself up, and walked to the fire

i let him lay there, by the burning red blaze

and soon my own vision turned into a haze

i had a odd dream of leprechauns and ale

but then i woke up at the sound of a high-pitched wail

“‘ave no fear,” cried the small redhead, as he stood beside the fire

“‘ave no fear, though strange things stir. let’s see ‘ow they conspire.”

and then the room filled up with demon shadow men

they drank all the ale and broke all my pens

in a rage, the little redhead donned a green overcoat

and pulled out a sword as we went after the ghosts

he fought with them all as i stupidly sat there

he vanquished them all. all i did was stare.

then he put on his hat, and said, with a bow

“there ya are, miss. naught to worry ’bout, now.”

“but what were those things?” i wanted to know

but he wouldn’t tell me, he would only grin

and thank me repeatedly for letting him in

and when morning came, i found he’d left no sign

save twenty empty beer cans and half a glass of wine

but when i walked out the door, i heard a voice say,

“top o’ the morning, miss! happy st paddy’s day!”


the sky is filled with millions of stars

catch one! catch one! don’t let them get far

stardust is pure luck, so hold it near your heart

and maybe you’ll think of me, when we’re apart

you know, i see the same stars that you do at nights

starlight is so bright, it burns through my eyes

and, just like a star, i couldn’t hold you for long

so i’ll set you back in the sky, where you belong