His hair was dark, in messy curls,

He said, “I’ve come to save the world.”

It was half past two, but crime doesn’t sleep

Thank God he was there to bring us relief

He jumped on a railing, and called to the sea

“Be wary, wrong-doers. You shall answer to me!”

Then he left in a flash, with a spark and a hop

But it wasn’t too long before something went wrong

He fell with a bang, with a thud, with a scream

And then a vile villain rose from the sea

“Wa-ha-ha!” he said. “Is that the best that you have?

I’ve killed your little hero, your so-called superman.

And now who shall fight me? Who could it possibly be?”

No volunteers spoke out. So I said, “I guess it’s me.”

I rolled up my sleeves and marched up to that beast

Who paraded in regalia around our recently-deceased

And I balled up my fists as I swung towards his face

And I knocked him straight down, knocked him back in his place

But the vile villain laughed and said, “What a surprise!

I guess women take over when all the men die.”

But I don’t like sexism, and I told him so

And I told him just where I thought that he should go

“Well, I’ll tell you what, girly,” said the beast, with a bow,

“I’ll let you live tonight if you go home right now.”

But I wouldn’t leave, I said. It just wasn’t right

To leave the city alone on that inauspicious night

So I said that I’d fight until I dropped dead

And then the villain said to me, “Girly, go right ahead.”

So I swung once, then twice, then thrice

I swung so hard I saw dancing lights

Then I realised he’d hit me right in the head

He’d hit me so hard, I fell down dead

And I watch the city as I sit by the moon

A city that villains run, sealing its doom

But no one sees villains for quite who they are

They see them as royalty, as diamonds, as stars

They worship the ground on which beasts lay their feet

They worship them all — I could never compete

So I sit here lonely, and I sing a sad song

Because I died for a cause that could never be won

And just as I wonder what it was all for

I hear a small knock on my celestial dome’s door

And in comes the superman who died before me

The only other one who’d tried to save the city

And he sits beside me, but we don’t exchange words

Because the premise of everything seems rather absurd

We both died for nothing, we both died in vain

We both died for people who don’t remember our names

We both died to save them from the things they now seek

We both died in silence. Now, they’re out of our reach.


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