it was like a dream i couldn’t remember

one of those, where the boy meets a girl

something nice and sappy

the lights were dim enough for it

but, in the end, i realised that the shadows

were long to hide all of the secrets the room

had seen.

it was like a street i walked past as a child

one of those, where the houses all the same

and each has a mum and a pop and a dog

except the one at the end, with the ivy,

that house was haunted

abby sousa disappeared there when she was 8

and jamie parker went crazy by just looking

in the window

it was like a song i sang without knowing the words

i made them up when it came on the radio

but one day i listened and wrote them all down

and that’s when i realised

what the song was all about

it was the stench of cigars when i didn’t smoke

the way it sticks in my throat and makes me choke

i didn’t want to go with it

but i had no choice

and when the doctors came in

i realised i should have stood up


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