i hide my face behind dark blue lace

since my angel fell from heaven’s grace

i see her walking by the stream

i see her there, but it’s just a dream

i hear her calling in the night

recite, she tells me. recite! recite!

but i’ve no words that they would hear

i’m just a shadow of despair

the demons cast from heaven’s light

burn forever in satan’s night

and i have joined their numbers now

i became a demon too, somehow

you see, late one night i shot a star

i killed it before it rose too far

but then i found that stars have wings

my guardian angel was one of those things!

and i killed her. i shot her dead.

i shot her clean, straight through her head.

and now i live in solitude

i forsook the heaven’s most sacred rule

i hide my face from mortals’ eyes

i burn in sin in my disguise

and every day, i spend it crying

for, in the sun, i see her dying

i feel her sweet light slip away

for i shot her dead, just yesterday


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