The Sky Thieves stole the Moon last night

He didn’t have a chance to fight

They stuffed him in a burlap sack,

And left the night sky bare and black

The starlets twinkled in discord

Lost without their overlord

And when the sunshine kissed the ground

There was no moonlight to be found

So now the Brigade don their cloaks

And bid goodbye to the village folk

They’re off to chase the vile Sky Thieves

To bring them to justice for all the grief

They caused when they kidnapped the Moon

A despicable crime which sealed their doom

But ere the Brigade gets too far

They’ll find they’re followed by a star

A wayward twinkle in day-lit sky

A guardian angel flashing by

They don’t know the star they see

They don’t know that star is me

I go with them to seek the Thieves

I go with them to end this grief

I go with them to find the Moon

I go with them to seal their doom

We find the Sky Thieves by a stream

The fog is thick, just like a dream

The moon is crying out in pain

He views his captors with disdain

His light is dim, and I almost miss

The way he lights up in pure bliss

When he sees me there, his favourite star,

He remembers I said I’d never be far

And when he’s freed by the Brigade

He jumps for joy, and I do the same

And we shine brightly in the sky

For we belong there, mounted on high

And there we’ll dwell until the end

Or until the Sky Thieves strike again

A.N. Yes, I lost it after the first bit. Sorry. >.<


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