i woke up last night in a panic my

chest was pounding so hard i

thought it would arrest and the

sweat poured down my face and

i couldn’t get any air and all i

could think about was what if i don’t get into med school

what then

what then

what if

and then i remembered

i AM in med school and in only a few short months i’ll be a doctor


So then I got up and went in the shower and

let the warm water wash away the sweat and

then i calmed down enough to think about

the fourteen-year-old girl who was raped by

her stepfather and the sixteen-year girl whose

boyfriend beat her senseless and the

nine-year-old boy who’d been starved for five

nights and the twelve-year-old twins who’d

watched their parents die in front of them.

my patients for the day.

Maybe things were better when

the nightmares were all about me.


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