Hey! You! Are you looking for love?

Don’t leave it to fate, or wait for good luck!

Just take a step forward, and look at our wares

Does something catch your eye? You don’t have to stare!

I’ll name you a price that you can’t resist

Two pounds of gold, or perhaps just a kiss

Then you can use it well to sweep her away

And she’ll be yours on Valentine’s Day

Oh, you don’t believe me! I can tell from your eyes

That you think that I’m crazy, that I’m full of lies

But I tell you, Sir, truly, that this is no joke

I’m just a peddler who likes to help folks

You see, I fell in love with a man just like you

And when he said that he loved me, I thought it was true

But I was so foolish that love made me blind

And it was a hard truth that I had to find

You see, people think love is soulmates and fate

But I found out otherwise, just a few days too late

Love is pure magic, like the ones that you see

And I know, if I’d had magic, he still be with me

So, please, take some magic. I’ll lower the price!

Look at this figurine. Isn’t it nice?

Or maybe she likes flowers, or chocolates, or jewels !

Please believe me, Sir, loneliness is cruel

You mustn’t take chances! She might slip away!

I know you’ll regret it, you will, one day.

You really must take one! Don’t be a fool!

Well, thank you for looking, Sir. Good luck to you.


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