Sky Thieves

The Sky Thieves stole the Moon last night

He didn’t have a chance to fight

They stuffed him in a burlap sack,

And left the night sky bare and black

The starlets twinkled in discord

Lost without their overlord

And when the sunshine kissed the ground

There was no moonlight to be found

So now the Brigade don their cloaks

And bid goodbye to the village folk

They’re off to chase the vile Sky Thieves

To bring them to justice for all the grief

They caused when they kidnapped the Moon

A despicable crime which sealed their doom

But ere the Brigade gets too far

They’ll find they’re followed by a star

A wayward twinkle in day-lit sky

A guardian angel flashing by

They don’t know the star they see

They don’t know that star is me

I go with them to seek the Thieves

I go with them to end this grief

I go with them to find the Moon

I go with them to seal their doom

We find the Sky Thieves by a stream

The fog is thick, just like a dream

The moon is crying out in pain

He views his captors with disdain

His light is dim, and I almost miss

The way he lights up in pure bliss

When he sees me there, his favourite star,

He remembers I said I’d never be far

And when he’s freed by the Brigade

He jumps for joy, and I do the same

And we shine brightly in the sky

For we belong there, mounted on high

And there we’ll dwell until the end

Or until the Sky Thieves strike again

A.N. Yes, I lost it after the first bit. Sorry. >.<



I fly through cities like a summer’s breeze

Coming unnoticed and leaving with ease

I’m not tied down so I’ll never stay

I’d much rather go my own merry way

But one day I found the ropes were too fast for me

And they tied me down, so I couldn’t be free

And now I am sad, because I cannot fly

And my wings lay rotting as time passes by

But I dream of the day when I will be free

And then I’ll fly again — they’ll be no stopping me

Then I won’t be tied down, no, not ever again

I’ll soar to the heavens until time itself ends


Late at night I fall asleep

Once I’ve begged the Lord my soul to keep

Then I succumb to into the night

And all the demons take to flight

With wicked dreams they fill my head

With horrid screams they fill my bed

And I see the sweet hell that I’ve lived

And I relive the ways I’ve sinned

And I see colours when there are none

And I see all the things I’ve done

I feel my heart fill with regret

And I wake up drenched in sweat

why she stays

it’s the strangest thing i feel


when i hold his hand

and he holds mine

it’s like the sweet sun

blew away

all i loved

just yesterday

it was here but

now it’s gone

when we hold hands

it all feels wrong

but if he lets go

i’ll have nothing left

so i’ll hold his hand tight

but i’ll hold regret

because now i realise

i won’t love again

not like with him

this is my end

because though his words sting

i finally know

that the worst pain of all

is for him to let go

Fading Heart

I feel my heart

Beat too fast

The love it feels

Never lasts

Even now the dark

Comes creeping close

It always steals

What hurts the most

Then my heart falls

In disrepair

And soon I cannot

Feel it there!

Beat, heart, beat!

Don’t give up on me!

I love too much

I’m too carefree

I loved to love

Just like we do

They’re all gone, heart

…don’t leave me too

Angel of Death

i close my eyes and see the light

inside her lantern, burning bright

her dark hair curls into the night

but her dress is glowing, starry white

the water spills around her feet

and i see the tide invade the street

her lantern swells with flaming heat

as the darkness struggles to compete

she lights my way when i am lost

when my hands are chapped by frost

when my body can’t bear the cost

when i have no options to exhaust

then i see her, inside my eyes

her lantern lights the darkened skies

the water drowns my ebbing cries

and i see her, as my body dies

Not For Me

and my mother’s downstairs complaining again that I’m still single

that i haven’t got friends

haven’t got a man

she wants grandbabies



but i don’t want a man

i want to be free!

i’ve never seen a happy wife.

i’ve seen abuse and rape and broken

bones and broken hearts and red

eyes and dry eyes from all the tears

that have been cried so many tears

that there’s no more tears to cry.

i’ve seen women running and women

hiding and women screaming and

women lying and women who’d give

anything for just one day to be free

and i think



I don’t think that’s for me.

Panic Attack

i woke up last night in a panic my

chest was pounding so hard i

thought it would arrest and the

sweat poured down my face and

i couldn’t get any air and all i

could think about was what if i don’t get into med school

what then

what then

what if

and then i remembered

i AM in med school and in only a few short months i’ll be a doctor


So then I got up and went in the shower and

let the warm water wash away the sweat and

then i calmed down enough to think about

the fourteen-year-old girl who was raped by

her stepfather and the sixteen-year girl whose

boyfriend beat her senseless and the

nine-year-old boy who’d been starved for five

nights and the twelve-year-old twins who’d

watched their parents die in front of them.

my patients for the day.

Maybe things were better when

the nightmares were all about me.