A.N. …sorry. 

The Devil had spent all day with the flowers

So when he had finished, he needed a shower

I offered him the chance to quickly use mine

He was only a guest, so I thought it was fine

But I was insane to let him upstairs

And when he had finished, I fell into despair

Because he had performed a despicable deed

He’d entered my cupboard, and stolen my creams!

And now I had nothing to moisten my face

No lotions or powders could ever replace

The sweet-smelling creams that I used to own

But the Devil has taken them, and now calls them his own

I have no idea what he wants them for

Why he took all my creams before he walked out the door

But now I am cream-less, and my skin with be hard

The cracks on my face mirror the ones on my heart

While the Devil has skin like a red carpet model

Thanks to the contents of my beautiful cream bottle


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