At nights I dream that I’m as kind as my mother

She’s a burning star brighter than all the others

She loves the whole world, and her heart is pure gold

She doesn’t care if you’re sick, or you’re poor, or you’re old

She teaches me kindness, but it’s a hard thing to learn

I could be a star, too, but I’d forget when to burn!

I wish I could love the whole world with her kindness and grace

I wish I could capture the compassion etched on her face

Things would be much easier if I’d only look away

Why, if I could do that, I’d be perfect in every way!

I’d be strong and loving. I’d pay no heed or mind

To those who hurt me, slander me, or harshly bruise my pride

But I’m not perfect, I’m not she who loves the world twice over

I’m a pebble blown away, while she stands like a tall boulder

And people love her and love me because I am her daughter

But I’m just the daughter of a star. My flames are quenched with water.

And I can’t turn the other cheek. I’m too much of a coward

My love is something weak and fleeting that my rage overpowers

So I look up at my mother, and revel in her light

The way she lights up the whole sky, with flames which burn so bright

They way she loves me through the night, even when I despair

The way that I know that she’s with me, always will be there


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