When I was young, I used to dream

I’d write my wishes on autumn leaves

They’d float away, lost in the breeze

And leaving me standing beneath bare trees

Their golden beams would sparkle and dance

And keep my eyes locked, wrapped in a trance

Oh, I loved a lot, when I was a girl

I fell in love with the entire world!

But now I’ve learnt, sure as leaves blow by,

The world I loved was just a lie

And all my wishes were just dreams

Which blew away on autumn leaves

And all the things I wanted to be

Have no place in reality

I am not tall, or brave, or strong,

I’m scared of right, so I do wrong

I’m scared of shadows under my bed

I lose myself inside my own head

I once dreamt that the angels would come forth, to me

They’d show me the things that were meant to be

But life moved on, and no angels appeared

So I watched the leaves flutter, throughout the years

Under these trees, I feel so small

Their branches are high — a thousand feet tall!

They reach to the heavens, and hug the whole world

A world that I loved when I was still just a girl

All that I wanted in my dreams was love

But all that I got was golden leaves from above

I wished for so much, but now that I’m old,

I realise the leaves were only false gold


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