I returned from the war with one eye less than I’d left with, but it was a small price to pay compared to some of the other lads in the prison camp. They might have beaten me senseless, but I hadn’t let so much as a ‘boo’ escape my lips. All of Uncle Sam’s secrets were safe with me!

As soon as we touched down in good ol’ NYC, I grabbed a six-pack and headed straight for my apartment. Time for some serious self-care. When I opened the door, however, there was a beautiful girl standing in the kitchen, washing dishes.

“You’re back!” she screamed, dropping the dish in her hands as she latched herself onto my neck. “You’re back, you’re back, you’re back! Oh, darling, I’ve missed you so!”

I stood stock still, a sinking feeling in my heart. Darling? I’d never seen this girl in my life!

…had the enemy taken more from me than my eye?


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