When my heart is lost, and love doesn’t last

My mind wanders back to love in the past

I remember the love I loved in the summer

I remember the day I found him with another

I remember the knife, I remember the blood

Yes, that was the night when I murdered my love

They sent me to prison, locked me up right away

But I knew I’d escape, somehow, someday

And when my chance came, when I was finally free

I hid myself so well they never found me

I slept during the day, and I travelled at night

And, at last, I found refuge on Halloween night

I found a strange house, in a forest of stone

The fence was a picket of wrought iron bones

The gray bricks were crumbling even as I looked on

The front door was open, but the shutters were drawn

A crow cried above, as I stared at this sight

“Be careful, dear child! It’s Halloween night!”

But I knew no caution, because I was now free

And, when I revelled, there was no stopping me

So I ran up the steps and walked through the door

Took one step more and fell straight through the floor

I landed with a thump! in a terrible place

I was surrounded by mirrors, but I couldn’t see my face

As I pondered the meaning of this uncanny fright

And wondered if it had some link with Halloween night

I heard a sound come from somewhere high up above

And, when I looked up, I saw the face of my love!

He was still very handsome, but a little on edge

His skin was glowing white, and his eyes were bright red!

He jumped from the ceiling, and, with a bow, said

“Hello, my darling. I see we’ve met yet again.”

But his face was a skull! He was a skeleton man!

And then, when I screamed, he grabbed onto my hand!

“Now, darling, don’t panic. It’s Halloween night!

We have so much to see! So many beautiful sights!

Eerie things happen when the old crow calls

But this is Halloween, so let’s have a ball!”

With a snap of his fingers, the glass disappeared

Leaving no trace that there’d been anything there

He snapped once again, and the room filled with light

He said, “Now let’s relive the good times  tonight!”

But I was not soothed, no, I’d started to cry

I turned to the ghoul and said, “I don’t want to die!

I never meant to hurt you! I was angry and afraid!

But, darling, if you loved me, why, oh why did you stray?”

My love, he only smiled, as flames danced in his eyes

“Why, darling, I’m the Devil! Don’t you know I cannot die?

As for straying, well, for shame, it’s what I’m made to do!

You couldn’t think that I’d be faithful to a fool like you!”

My eyes were like moons, but my breath had turned shallow

“So…you’re not real? You’re nothing, but a shadow?”

His red eyes turned dark, as the room did, too

“I’m the King of Hell, darling. Don’t be a fool.

I rise when people find the pain of living turns too great

I wait for them in the darkness, to make their last mistake.

Jus like you did, my darling!  Why, think back to your fall!

Oh, gosh, it makes me giddy, just thinking about it all!”

My vision blurred, the room spun, and my beating heart turned numb

I had loved the Devil? What on earth had I become?

Behind the mist I saw the room fill with a thousand ghosts

Who joined together and encircled the one I loved the most

They danced and sang quite merrily, of Halloweens gone by

Of all the lost souls they had trapped, and all the ways they’d died

I kept my gaze upon the Devil who’d torn apart my soul

I’d say he’d torn apart my heart, but he stole that long ago

I was angry and confused and scared all at the same time

How stupid I had been to think the Devil’d once been mine!

And then I saw a candlestick with flames still burning bright

“Come closer to me,” they seemed to say to me, “it’s still Halloween Night!”

And then I had a grim idea which set me all afire

I threw the candle hard as I could, and set the Devil on fire!

I heard him scream in agony

But I ran so fast, he couldn’t catch me

Yet the thousands of ghosts were too fast to beat

And when they caught up with me, they threw flames at my feet!

My eyes started burning, and I could taste rust

As I fell into the flames, I burnt into dust

So I lifted my hands to scatter the ashes above

And, as soon as they scattered, I realised they were my love

The last thing I knew was the crow overhead

It screeched, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”, and then I was dead

So, on Halloween night, when you’re tucked in your beds

Just remember the Devil, and the ones he left dead

Our bodies are bloody, broken, and charred

Our souls are distorted, twisted, and scarred

If you mess with the devil, he’ll mess with your head

He’ll tease you and taunt you, and you’ll end up dead

But don’t worry, darling! It’s all in good fun!

Don’t hide from the Devil! He won’t be outrun!

Perhaps he’ll come see you, in the midst of your dreams

As a crow far away calls, “Happy Halloween!”


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