Spooky McBoo and Sneaky McGhee

Went trick-or-treating on All Hallow’s Eve

Spooky was sly, but Sneaky was bad

And all of their tricks drove the neighbourhood mad

Spooky would knock three times on the door

Steal all the candy, and then ask for more

Sneaky would give all the children a fright

Then scurry off cackling into the night

Spooky and Sneaky were a terrible pair

Spreading their tricks without seeming to care

They weren’t afraid of the goblins and ghouls

They frolicked along, disregarding the rules

But then President Pumpkin caught up with the two

And said, “This must stop, McGhee and McBoo!

It’s a blight on society! A plague on our name!

You scandalous scoundrels, this isn’t a game!”

But Spooky and Sneaky didn’t care for these words

So they ran ahead, acting like they hadn’t heard

They frolicked on, with their tricks without treats

But then President Pumpkin caught them back on the streets

“McGhee and McBoo! What am I to do

With a pair of imps as mischievous as you?

Your tricks without treats are a scandalous plague,

You two must be punished because you’ve disobeyed!”

With that, Old Man Pumpkin locked the duo inside

Of an old wooden coffin, and buried them alive!

On Halloween night, they were removed from the fun

Because of the mischief the two spooks had done

“I’m sorry,” said Spooky, his voice very soft.

“I’m sorry, too,” Sneaky sniffed, or perhaps he coughed.

In any case, the duo made shallow amends

In hopes that their punishment would come to an end

But President Pumpkin wasn’t easy to fool

“Do they think me mad? I’m not an amateur ghoul!

I’ll teach them a thing about tricks, now,” thought he.

So he went in search of the best tricks to see

And he found them, too, with a wizard so small

That Pumpkin swore he was less than two feet tall!

“I need a spell, if you please,” President Pumpkin said,

“Which will fill naughty spooks with caution and dread.

They ignore our rules, and continually cheat

They hand out tricks, but never with treats!”

The wizard, it seemed, was more than happy to help

And when the President left, he felt all would well

But Spooky and Sneaky were far from all right

When they were let back into that lovely, dark night

The sight they beheld caused their hearts both to sink

They found that their bodies had been had coloured bright pink!

“How can we trick,” they said, “in a colour so strange?

What are we to do? Does he expect us to change?

If we look like this, we can’t play tricks on the street!

Why, if we can’t play tricks, we might have to give treats!

President Pumpkin just laughed and said, “What shall I do,

With you, Sneaky McGhee, and you, Spooky McBoo?”

Now, Spooky McBoo and Sneaky McGhee

Are the friendliest spooks that you’ll ever see

And on Halloween night, they give everybody treats

Without tricks at all while they’re haunting the streets

And though they are pink, they’re a sight to behold

The subject of many ghost stories we’re told

Around Halloween time, in the midst of a dream

About Spooky McBoo and Sneaky McGhee


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