late at night, i lie alone

the ceiling creaks, and the shadows groan

i see her face, it comes to me

under the pretense of a dream

oh it is hell to see her there

bloody and battered with eyes that stare

straight through my soul

i know she’s dead

but every day

i think

it should have been me


and then i wake

and then i find

the empty bed

she left behind

and i get up and walk around

my ragged breath the only sound

but when i close my eyes again

brand new nightmares will begin

and she is angry

she calls me names

but it’s all true

i can’t complain

i killed her love

i killed her soul

and now i’ll suffer

all alone

when i wake up and see the sun

i think about the things i’ve done

my hands are stained with her blood

my heart has withered from lack of love

i see the body i never did

i feel the things i thought i’d hid

i take a breath to clear my head

to try to forget that she is dead

but no matter how many

breaths i take

the dreams persist

long after i wake


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