When darkness descends, and I cannot sleep,

I bury my head in the sheets, and I weep

Dreams are just fleeting, but life is too real

I cannot escape it, nor deny what I feel

The moonlight is too bright, an unwelcome guest

Which invades my thoughts as I try to rest

There’s too much to deal with, my whole body aches

I yearn for escape, but I stay awake

The stars in their patterns align in the sky

Do you think I’ll become one, after I die?

Life is a nightmare, but nightmares are dreams

And dreams are just visions which aren’t what they seem

I wish I could stop it, this throbbing, this ache

Should I try falling asleep, or it is better to wake?

The moon’s passing over, and the hours flash by

One, two, three, four, the sun appears in the sky

I cover my eyes in a last-ditch attempt

To escape for a moment, and find solace in rest

At least temporarily, for life must go on

I can’t escape it; it will drag me along

But on that one day when I finally fall asleep

And do not awaken, please, I beg you, don’t weep

Because I have found solace in a dream-world afar

And, who knows? You might see me, up there with the stars.


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