He swoops from the sky, in a flurry of red

My dream superman, who flew straight from my head

I lie there at nights, wondering if he is near

But then I wake up and realise nobody’s here

He’s only a dream, a thing I imagine

When I feel alone, or my pride had been damaged

Then I close my eyes, and I hear the crowds roar

When my hero in red saves the day one time more

I cannot neglect him, however strange it may seem

For it was I who made him, and I made him for me

He saves me from evil, from villainous schemes

Everything that he does, he does it for me

We fight for the world, when I’m wrapped in a dream

Though I know, even then, things aren’t as they seem

Because then I wake up, where I’m sleeping alone

So close to Earth, yet so far from home

Where all of my battles I face on my own

Because that is my life: I live it alone

But sometimes, in shadows, I fancy I see

My superhero smiling, watching over me

And that gives me courage, and that gives me hope

And I find the strength to move on, to cope

And, when I get home, I sit at my desk

Pull out a pencil as if this were a test

Get myself ready, and smile as I write

“Once upon a time, in the middle of the night,

There was a strange man, dressed only in red

Who visited me, as I slept soundly in bed…”


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