Are you afraid of the dark?

Of the sin and despair

Which linger in moonlight

And lies thick in the air?

Do you fear all the shadows

Which rise from your dreams?

Nightmares born out of pain

Where nothing’s quite as it seems

Do you shake with each bump

And each thump in the night?

Do the sounds make you shiver?

Does your heart race with fright?

Do you wait for the morning?

Watch for light in the east?

Pray with each haggard breath

For the darkness to cease?

…have you ever felt the pain

Of a night which wouldn’t end?

That wretched sort of torture

Which only Hell could send?

Have you lain awake at nights and dreamt

Of things which might have been?

Or do you replay lives which fell too fast

Inside your memory?

Is there something gnawing in your chest

Which lines your dreams with guilt?

Or do you grieve for fallen dreams

Which can never be rebuilt?

Though suns might rise, and moons might shine

The past can only play on rewind

And, when we look back on the things we seen,

They return to haunt us, inside our dreams.


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