It was dark that night, too dark to see

My heart was still; it had abandoned me

I’d lost my love; now the whole world was black

Because he’d gone far away, and vowed to never come back.

But there were creaks in the house, as if someone were walking

And the voices, the whispers, yes, someone was talking!

But I’d locked all the doors, the key held tight in my fist

There must have been some place, some lock I had missed!

What did they want? Money? I had none of that

My lover had taken all the cash in our flat

They were welcome to the jewels which no longer had meaning

The joy those had brought was shallow and fleeting

There were steps by the door. The squeaky hinges creaked.

I looked up, alarmed, but I was too shocked to shriek.

My love stood there, floating, two feet from the ground

His eyes were pure white, and he didn’t make a sound

I saw there the face that I’ve always loved the most

My love, he was there. He’d turned into a ghost.

“Hello,” I said, softly. “I see you’ve returned.

I thought you were gone. Should I be concerned?”

My love only frowned as he flew to the bed

“I see,” I said slowly. “You’ve come to tell me you’re dead.”

My love smiled quite cruelly, and pointed to the door

It fell off its hinges, and crashed on the floor.

He then pointed to the window, and the shards rained down

The shattered glass shimmered as it fell on the ground.

“I see,” I said to him. “You want me to come.

But, my love, you’re mistaken. You said we were done.”

My love took my hand, and kissed it very quickly.

His eyes were like corpses. His skin looked so sickly.

He looked to the sky, to the stars, then to me

He pointed to my heart, or where it once used to be

“No!” I said, harshly. “I won’t go with you!

How dare you suggest it! You know that we’re through!

I have a brand new life without you to live.

You broke me apart. I’m not so quick to forgive!”

My love knelt before me, on the shiny broken shards

There were tears in his eyes. “Believe me,” I said. “I know is hard.

I always will love you, but some things aren’t meant to be

Please, just go on. Forget you that ever even knew me.”

With those words, my love vanished, and I blinked my eyes twice

Had he just disappeared? Why, that wasn’t nice!

The window was still broken, and the door frame was bent

What demon of Hell had the devil just sent?

I straightened my shirt as I got out of bed

As I reached for the door, I saw a strange note which read:

“My dear love, forgive me. I now see my crimes.

And, now that I’m dead, I am doing my time.

Please, have your heart back. I’ve mended it, see?

You should have known better than to give it to me.”

Silly little boy! Well, I was glad to have my heart

It’s strange how much you miss it when you’re both torn apart

Now I can begin again, and now I can move on

Away from that love with whom I didn’t belong


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