I thought I’d been stung, but it was only my heart

That same bleeding pulp that you twice tore apart

And now that it’s over, and now that I’m dead,

Is there any regret left in your heart or your head?

Look! My casket’s empty. There’s nothing inside

Not even a body to show that I’ve died

Flames are so friendly, they rise thick and fast

They burn in a passion, but, like love, they don’t last

My body was too haggard, in any case, for show

It was putrid and rotten, just like you left my soul

I loved you to pieces, but you loved me in name

And you broke me apart when I saw through your game

But I couldn’t live while you just brushed me off

My final decision was to make the pain stop!

The gasoline stunk, but the fire was worse

The pain it created merged with all of your hurt

And, right at the end, when it got to my heart

I saw a bee flying, and I felt the tears start

I thought I’d been stung, but now I can see

That that much pain couldn’t come from a bee

It was my heart that was burning, and all of the love

That I bore for you, that the flames rid me of

And, now that it’s over, I can finally see

The monster you were, and the one you made me


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